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bitchin_bulldog's Journal

Bitchin' Bulldogs
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Welcome to Bitchin' Bulldogs, the newest LJ community dedicated to the American Pit Bull Terrier. We value the breeds hertitage and wish to preserve those very traits in our modern-day companions. The APBT is a driven and determined breed that can excel at any sport, test, or trial. We wish to keep it that way, in the form of the original bulldog.

We are an open-minded community, realizing that bulldog owners come from all walks of life. Education is our goal.

We do not support backyard breeding. All breeders interested in joining must contact the staff before doing so.

Bitchin' Bulldogs currently has open membership. This is subject to change.


  • NO Spamming!
  • No discussion of dog fighting or other illegal activities.
  • Links to other on-topic communities are allowed.
  • Try to keep OT posts to a minimum (And work safe!)
  • No breeder ads! Bitchin' Bulldogs will not serve as free advertisement.
  • No rescue ads if you cannot personally speak for the dogs temperament.
  • Put any oversized or multiple pictures behind a cut.

Failure to follow these rules will result in being banned.


Bitchin' Bulldogs

Serving the breed since 2007.